Amita and Yogesh Dutt Bhardwaj, parents of Ahana, T-level Construction, Design, Planning and Surveying student

“When we first discussed career aspirations with Ahana we were hesitant. We are familiar with more ‘traditional’ careers, like those in medicine or law, but after Ahana made it very clear she did not want to go down this path, we researched T-levels, discussed it and realised they could be great option that allowed her to pursue her dreams of a career in the construction industry; something she’s shown an interest in since playing with Lego as a child.

Since Ahana has started the classroom-based learning aspect of the course, she hasn’t looked back. She talks about her course every day and seems to really enjoy it. She loves what she is learning, and we are sure if she keeps up the hard work, she will achieve great things.

For other similarly hesitant parents who are unsure about their children choosing T-levels, we would simply say, don’t be! I am sure other children will thrive and feel just as comfortable and confident as Ahana has found it so far. T-levels are a brilliant option.”