Jason Phin, Training Solutions Business Manager, Siemens plc

“As an organisation, Siemens is committed to supporting T-level industry placements. We have hosted pilot placements in order to provide constructive feedback to the Department for Education that helps form policy and look forward to widening our future opportunities. One reason that we host placements is because it’s in our culture to play our part in the development of our local communities.

Offering T-level industry placements is a great way for us to help turn today’s talented young people into the experts Siemens needs for tomorrow. One aspect in particular that we believe the T-level students benefit from during their time with us, is a much better sense of their individual strengths or areas for growth when it comes to desirable behaviours in the workplace. We believe that a positive experience with Siemens opens up further opportunities for T-level students, including our own apprenticeship programmes.”